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Hello Neighbor! Beta 3 Dna Hack heatam




greetings today i will try to implement a few new things tell me what you think i will try to run these videos without blocking the youtube video... and i will also tell you why i know that some of you will say that this is a bad idea but i will tell you why it will be interesting for us to find out, so please watch this video until the end! we will dive into coding and get 3d models working with unity also i will show you how to use the cool version of unity well first of all i will show you the situation we will start with a single player and this game will have only one player this is what i already did now i will show you the new way to do it it is a bit complex so i will write it down first of all i created a dummy scene i created a project and i created a gameobject and i added a new scene script i created a model, that we will use later and we will take all the polygons from this model and we will add this to the scene so i will add it to the scene first and i will run the scene so now it looks like this now i will add the initial controller to the scene i will select the controller and click Add it will now add the controller to the scene i will run the scene it will look like this now we will import all the models i click on import and i will select the model i want the first one only it will say selected but i want the first one only and i want it like this i want to add all the other models but i want them to be hidden because they are not required so i click Import All i can not see the models so i right click and hide them and i show the others and if i select one i can drag and drop it i will select the one from the middle so i dragged it to the scene and then i can select all the models i dragged to the scene i will select it and i will now drag them to the scene now i have the models in the scene but i will hide them to save space, so it looks like this i want the player to use the directional pad so i want to add a new gameobject and i want to select the controller i can





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Hello Neighbor! Beta 3 Dna Hack heatam

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